Modern C++ Programming Cookbook: Master C++ core language and standard library features, with over 100 recipes, updated to C++20, 2nd Edition

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A realistic recipe guide for buying a complete understanding of the complexities and core fundamentals of C++ programming(*100*)

Key Features

  • Explore the most recent language and library options of C++20 resembling modules, coroutines, ideas, and ranges
  • Shed new mild on the core ideas in C++ programming, together with features, algorithms, threading, and concurrency, via sensible self-contained recipes
  • Leverage C++ options like good pointers, transfer semantics, constexpr, and extra for elevated robustness and efficiency

Book Description

C++ has come a great distance to be one of the vital broadly used general-purpose languages that’s quick, environment friendly, and high-performance at its core.(*100*)

The updated second version of Modern C++ Programming Cookbook addresses the most recent options of C++20, resembling modules, ideas, coroutines, and the various additions to the standard library, together with ranges and textual content formatting. The guide is organized within the type of sensible recipes protecting a variety of issues confronted by trendy builders.(*100*)

The guide additionally delves into the small print of all of the core ideas in trendy C++ programming, resembling features and lessons, iterators and algorithms, streams and the file system, threading and concurrency, good pointers and transfer semantics, and many others. It goes into the efficiency features of programming in depth, educating builders how to write quick and lean code with the assistance of finest practices.(*100*)

Furthermore, the guide explores helpful patterns and delves into the implementation of many idioms, together with pimpl, named parameter, and attorney-client, educating strategies resembling avoiding repetition with the manufacturing unit sample. There can also be a chapter devoted to unit testing, the place you’re launched to three of essentially the most broadly used libraries for C++: Boost.Test, Google Test, and Catch2.(*100*)

By the top of the guide, it is possible for you to to successfully leverage the options and strategies of C++11/14/17/20 programming to improve the efficiency, scalability, and effectivity of your purposes.(*100*)

What you’ll study

  • Understand the brand new C++20 language and library options and the issues they clear up
  • Become expert at utilizing the standard help for threading and concurrency for every day duties
  • Leverage the standard library and work with containers, algorithms, and iterators
  • Solve textual content looking out and alternative issues utilizing common expressions
  • Work with various kinds of strings and study the assorted features of compilation
  • Take benefit of the file system library to work with recordsdata and directories
  • Implement varied helpful patterns and idioms
  • Explore the broadly used testing frameworks for C++

Who this guide is for

The guide is designed for entry- or medium-level C++ programmers who’ve a fundamental data of C++ and need to grasp the language and turn into prolific trendy C++ builders. Experienced C++ programmers can leverage this guide to strengthen their command of C++ and discover a good reference to many language and library options of C++11/14/17/20.(*100*)

Table of Contents

  1. Learning Modern Core Language Features
  2. Working with Numbers and Strings
  3. Exploring Functions
  4. Preprocessing and Compilation
  5. Standard Library Containers, Algorithms, and Iterators
  6. General-Purpose Utilities
  7. Working with Files and Streams
  8. Leveraging Threading and Concurrency
  9. Robustness and Performance
  10. Implementing Patterns and Idioms
  11. Exploring Testing Frameworks
  12. C++20 Core Features

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