Flipped Learning Can Be a Key to Transforming Teaching and Learning Post-Pandemic

When we take a look at all of the assumptions which were overturned in greater schooling due to the pandemic and all of the wants which have solely grown throughout this time, what turns into clear is that frameworks that beforehand labored for greater schooling are not assured to perform. Something new is required, and flipped studying could also be precisely the proper mannequin for the place greater schooling is headed as soon as the pandemic is over.

What is flipped studying? A standard and oversimplified reply is that it’s an method that asks college students to watch lecture vidoes at dwelling earlier than class in order that class time can be utilized for extra interactive actions.

But the easiest way to describe it’s to distinction it with conventional educating frameworks. In the standard framework, college students get first contact with new ideas at school (the “group space” as I name it in my book on flipped studying) and then higher-level interactions are all on the coed facet by way of homework and so on (within the “individual space”). Flipped studying places first contact with new concepts earlier than group area actions, then makes use of the group area for lively studying on mid- and upper-level duties.

It’s worthwhile to examine flipped and conventional frameworks by contrasting the assumptions that every framework makes:

  • Traditional frameworks assume that we function in a shortage mannequin of data; flipped studying assumes that info is plentiful and (largely) freely obtainable.
  • Traditional frameworks assume that know-how is scarce, or by some means unhealthy for studying; flipped studying, by advantage of the flexible environment it espouses, views know-how as a instrument that ought to be embraced.
  • Traditional frameworks assume that college students arrive at class as clean slates with no prior data of the brand new ideas to be discovered; flipped studying assumes that college students come to their research with concepts, maybe flawed in some ways, however which nonetheless are uncooked supplies for studying that college students deliver to the desk.
  • Perhaps most importantly, conventional frameworks assume that college students haven’t any capability for self-regulation or self-teaching, and the truth is that it is inappropriate to ask college students to do both. Flipped studying not solely believes within the potential of scholars to self-teach and self-regulate, it leans into that potential and is based upon that potential. But it additionally by no means assumes that college students have honed that potential and even practiced it a lot; that is why educating college students to self-teach and self-regulate is a characteristic, not a bug, of the framework.

Now take into consideration the seismic modifications that the pandemic has caused in greater schooling and continues to be bringing about. Higher schooling had many assumptions of its personal prior to the pandemic, and a number of of them have been totally wrecked by it:

  • We can not assume that we’ve got just about limitless entry to colocation. In different phrases, we used to take assembly frequently in individual in a classroom fully as a right; we’ll by no means have the opportunity to do this once more, even as soon as the pandemic is over.
  • We can not assume that a pure lecture pedagogy is a suitable educating mannequin or that banning know-how is a suitable apply. Regardless of 1’s emotions about lecturing, college students throughout the pandemic grew to become reluctant to settle for a speaking head as a cheap use of their time and tuition cash. We can count on this sense to proceed as soon as we’re again in individual and there’s a value to be paid for colocating. And having seen the promise of know-how as a instrument for efficient studying throughout the Big Pivot, the genie is out of the bottle there as effectively.
  • We can not assume that we will assess college students by way of conventional timed testing any time we wish. This could also be a corollary to the lack of colocation plus the rise of know-how, but it surely appears clear from the place I sit that the pandemic dealt a demise blow to all the idea of timed testing. This could solely be tangentially associated to flipped studying, but it surely’s important.
  • Finally, all 4 of the pedagogical assumptions of conventional frameworks are actually out the window. We can not assume scarce info, that we will preserve know-how at arms’ size, that college students have empty heads, or that college students cannot educate themselves issues. All 4 of these have been totally inverted–or flipped–since final March.

At the identical time that every one these items modified, many elements of educating and studying earlier than the pandemic have stayed the identical, and their want has grow to be extra acute and extra obvious. We see now extra clearly than ever that studying requires connections between folks and concepts. We see that a development mindset is important for studying and well-being. We undoubtedly see that the necessity to have the opportunity to educate oneself new issues and regulate one’s personal studying is extra essential than ever. And we see that the necessity to information pupil development in self-teaching and self-regulation, painfully missing in pre-pandemic educating, is now at a premium.

That’s why it’s the right time to extra absolutely undertake flipped studying in faculty educating. It matches all of the rising assumptions and fulfills all of the overarching wants, and steers away from all of the prior fashions that are actually on their means out.

Because make no mistake: Once the pandemic continues to ease, and we start to begin making our means again to the bodily classroom (like many establishments might be doing within the fall), the worst factor we might do is attempt to get “back to normal.”

What a tragic mistake it will be to exit this horrific time in historical past by losing the chance to rid ourselves of outdated fashions – and all their related injustices, inequities, and inefficiencies – and placed on one thing higher for our college students.

In this second in historical past, we’ve got the chance to reshape greater schooling into one thing higher for everybody, and we will honor the sacrifices we’ve had to make throughout the pandemic by selecting to do higher. We can start with our frameworks, and flipped studying is a good place to begin.

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